VoltDB and the Power of Optimized Data Access

VoltDB is an in-memory scale-out SQL database built to power the next generation of streaming data applications, including recommendation engines, sensor applications like smart-grid power systems, telco policy and billing, real-time digital advertising platforms,... read more

Mobile Data: Embeddable and Beyond

A recent article on mobile databases discusses how embeddable databases can be used on mobile devices, allowing your mobile application to satisfy its storage needs without having to rely on back-end storage services.  But for enterprise mobile applications becoming... read more

What’s Your Data Ailment?

Do you have anxiety about bringing external data objects into Salesforce.com? Are you suffering from migraines because data is fragmented across many systems with no correlated view in sight? If you do, symptoms might include the inability to provide reports that span... read more

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Data

Happy Halloween!! It’s spooky out there today – with gules, goblins and ghosts roaming about. Moreover, it’s even spookier inside the offices of many marketers, as they’re trying to wrap up their data analysis before hitting the candy. One of the horrors of data... read more

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Clear Up the Marketing Data Muddle

When marketers get bogged down in data consolidation struggles, the solution to their challenges may not be clear. In this research brief, global advisory firm Sirius Decisions outlines four data management strategies for higher performance.

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