04 Oct Integrating Your Cloud Data with Existing Reporting Applications

After the Dreamforce show a couple weeks ago, everyone’s talking about cloud applications like Salesforce.com. Systems like these have drastically altered how we think about and work with our customer data, but they’ve also significantly complicated getting real-time reports that we rely on to make sound business decisions.

Here at DataDirect, we’re all about helping you access your information within those applications quickly, easily and securely. To do this, you need a solution that enables real-time reporting across Salesforce and your SQL-based on-premise systems!

Earlier this year, DataDirect conducted a webinar detailing our Salesforce drivers, which provide real-time reporting across Salesforce and your SQL-based on-premise systems. The drivers also help solve real-world reporting needs across Salesforce and on-premise data to provide seamless integration with existing systems and provide the real-time reporting your business needs.

Those who tuned-in to the webinar learned about why Cloud application data is difficult to include in your existing reporting tools. They also got a step-by-step guide to using DataDirect solutions with third party tools, as well as how to get more information out of your Salesforce data in real time.

Sound beneficial? Luckily for you, that webinar is now available for instant replay. Just register here to watch this informative webinar for free!

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