04 Dec Watch Codeless Bulk Load into SQL Server Accelerate Workflow from 68 to Under 3 Minutes

The most recent remark shared by a prospect about codeless DataDirect Bulk Load is, “that’s freakin cool”.  That reaction, in varying phrases, is becoming more common and here are some of the numbers being shared by prospects around load times:

  • 45 minutes to under 2 minutes with Ab Initio running on Linux.
  • 12 minutes to under a minute with Informatica PowerCenter running on AIX.
  • Cut 4 hours from overnight batch  job in SQL Server Integration Services SSIS running on Windows Server.

While these results all sound great, I do want to  show first hand how “freakin cool” this really is.  Check out my short video showing how you can flip a switch and witness first hand the amazing worlds of DataDirect Codeless Configuration and DataDirect Bulk Load completely blow your data warehousing mind.

Note: It is recommended to run performance benchmarks in a production like environment.

What about bulk load into other sources like Sybase, Oracle, Salesforce?

Codeless bulk load is supported with all DataDirect Connect for ODBC and JDBC drivers that support bulk load from applications running on Unix/Linux/Windows using ODBC parameter arrays or JDBC batches.

Step on the gas today with DataDirect bulk load

Download a free 15 day trial of the Connect64 for ODBC Sybase or SQL Server bulk-enabled driver and test-connect using the Quick Start guide from the Evaluation Support Center. Or call 1-800-876-3101 to speak live with a Solutions Consultant to learn more about how organizations are making progress with and DataDirect Bulk Load.

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