Instant Odata from Sybase, Oracle, DB2 Entity Framework consumed by Excel PowerPivot

DataDirect has always been on the forefront of standards development and our director of R&D, Jesse Davis, wrote about Odata and the future of web based data access in May 2012.  Now in early 2013, I am actively working with shops on various odata connectivity projects.  Projects range from producing ODATA feeds using DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET Entity Framework and DataDirect OpenAccess technology to consuming feeds from SQL based applications.

The most popular application consumers I have worked with are Excel PowerPivot, Tableau and Dundas. From, I have seen additional use cases such as Pebble Reports and Telerik .NET Tools.


Example data visualization of real-time NYC traffic data consumed from odata feed produced by DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET Sybase Entity Framework provider.


Get started producing Sybase, Oracle, DB2 odata feed for real-time NYC traffic feed


  • Generate Model from Database
  • New Connection
  • Change provider to use Progress DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET provider and configure the database connection (no database client required).  I am testing against Sybase ASE 15.


  • Select database objects for entity data model and finish. In this case, I’m selecting a single table with traffic data from sensor feeds across the five buroughs of New York City.
  • Add an item to the new project, Visual C# => Web => WCF Data Service
  • Modify the .svc.cs file with your entity container name and indicate which entity sets and service operations are visible. The generated source has specific “TO DO” comments.


  • Press F5 to launch your new ODATA feed

Consume Sybase ODATA feed using MS Excel PowerPivot

For the purposes of this tutorial, we are assuming the real-time traffic data from NYC is stored in a Sybase ASE v15 database.  In reality, I loaded it into Sybase from the real-time traffic data on Tuesday 2/26/2013 at 3:05 PM EST.

  • To consume the feed from Excel PowerPivot that we started above on the local machine, I entered the data services url for the odata feed after clicking “From Data Feeds”.


  • Upon importing the data, I create a simple chart showing speeds and travel times across the 5 boroughs being pulled directly from Sybase ASE v15.


Not sure how they’re doing it, but people are driving slowly and getting places faster in Brooklyn!

Unlike NYC traffic, DataDirect ADO.NET providers run at blazing speeds!

Download and install a free 15-day trial today of the Progress DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET entity framework providers. Entity framework support includes easy development and instant data connectivity from Visual Studio Lightswitch, Silverlight and a host of other Microsoft technologies.  Contact your DataDirect systems engineer today to learn more: N. America: (800)876-3101 | World: +44 (0) 1-344-386-367.

Sumit Sarkar

Sumit Sarkar

Principal Systems Engineer, Progress DataDirect at Progress Software
Sumit Sarkar


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