Oracle OBIEE and ODI meet NoSQL MongoDB

Sumit Sarkar reviews his experience at Rittman Mead BI Forum 2015 and shares some tips for making sense of NoSQL data in OBIEE. DataDirect is the leading vendor neutral vendor for data connectivity. Our goal is to connect BI developers and consultants with NoSQL data,... read more

How to Blend On-Premise Data with Salesforce

Progress Easyl easily blends on-premise data with Salesforce for business intelligence and analytics. You probably already know that Salesforce is great. Having a unified platform that lets you track customers throughout the sales journey from lead to closing has been... read more

Tomorrow’s Data Preparation Today

Chris Doran invites you to learn more about the new version of Progress Easyl. Imagine a world where business intelligence doesn’t require you to spend all day poring over spreadsheets; where you can automatically combine SaaS data with on-premise data without asking... read more

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Access Real-Time Data in Salesforce

Did you know that Lightning Connect enables you to quickly bring external data into any application? Imagine the possibilities of incorporating on-premise data in real time as Salesforce application objects. Learn more from the industry’s leading connectivity provider—Progress® DataDirect®.

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