Drive Real-Time Analytics with SparkSQL

Idaliz Baez demonstrates how to use the Progress DataDirect driver for SparkSQL for real-time analytics and BI with SparkSQL. Back in May, I hosted a webinar focused on driving real-time analytics with SparkSQL and our new Progress® DataDirect® for SparkSQL driver. As... read more

Progress Delivers Proven Performance

Jesse Davis explains how Progress DataDirect delivers the best in data connectivity and integration. Synchronize your watches people—the entire world is accelerating. Everything in life now requires us to be more efficient, more nimble, and faster. Both our personal... read more

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Access Real-Time Data in Salesforce

Did you know that Lightning Connect enables you to quickly bring external data into any application? Imagine the possibilities of incorporating on-premise data in real time as Salesforce application objects. Learn more from the industry’s leading connectivity provider—Progress® DataDirect®.

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