Seven Reasons Why Timely Analytics Is So Hard

Rich Julius introduces 7 data preparation and data blending challenges that delay timely analytics. The driving force behind business intelligence and analytics is a need for information. Every day, we ask questions such as, “How good are we at converting leads?” Or,... read more

Big Data’s Six Ingredients for Better BI

Big data and BI are critical, so the right tool for understanding that data is essential. These days, it is easier than ever to collect all sorts of information. Details on the way customers are using your products, the effectiveness and reach of your marketing and... read more

NewSQL for Addressing New Age Data Challenges

NewSQL combines SQL transaction performance with the scalability of NoSQL systems. A couple years ago I was speaking at the Big Data Expo in London along with an analyst friend from the 451 Group, Matt Aslett. Around that time Matt coined the term “NewSQL” to describe... read more

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Clear Up the Marketing Data Muddle

When marketers get bogged down in data consolidation struggles, the solution to their challenges may not be clear. In this research brief, global advisory firm Sirius Decisions outlines four data management strategies for higher performance.

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