A Brief History of Java and JDBC

While working on some JDBC training materials I decided to stress the importance of Java and JDBC on the computing industry. Having just come from this year’s JavaOne, I decided to do a short history of Java presentation to get everyone on the same page and level set the room.

I started with my good friend Google – as any modern day gentleman would – to write down the history of my favorite language. This led me to a really nice timeline of Java History, put together by Sun Microsystems. I tried putting that into a Keynote presentation (PowerPoint for you non-Mac types) but it just didn’t fit; something was missing – I needed some oomph! So, I cracked open iMovie and went to it with a passion only a true Java Geek could muster. Putting together the movie, soundtrack, writing a script and narrating myself, and finally exporting to HD (my Mac makes this part simple).

I wanted to show my appreciation for a language that has allowed me to earn my living and support my family doing something I truly enjoy. Thank you James and Sun Microsystems for developing a language that is really fun, I hope you and the community enjoy the movie as much as I enjoyed making it. There’s a small youtube movie embedded below, but you can make it full screen to see the HD version. Go ahead and drop by the YouTube page and leave a note saying how much you like Java, JDBC, or the movie. :)



Jesse Davis

Jesse Davis

Senior Director, Research and Development, Progress DataDirect at Progress Software
Jesse Davis


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Jesse Davis

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